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Thunder 1000W Digital Dimmable Ballast Thunder 400W Digital Ballast Hydrofarm Powerhouse 400W 120/240v Conv. (HPS/MH) Ballast
Thunder 1000w Air Cooled Digital Ballast
Retail Price: $360.00
Our Price: $148.99
You Save: $211.01
Thunder 400w Air Cooled Digital Ballast
Retail Price: $172.00
Our Price: $74.99
You Save: $97.01
Hydrofarm Powerhouse 400W 120/240v Conv. (HPS/MH) Ballast
Retail Price: $300.00
Our Price: $236.24
You Save: $63.76
With the rise in hydroponic gardening, the digital ballast industry has seen exponential growth the last few years with the increasing number of innovations in hydroponics solutions and techniques. With the flood of new products saturating the market, it’s easy to forget the importance of using the right electronic ballast. The ballast essentially prevents your system, specifically your grow lights, from overheating. If not specifically matched to your existing equipment and grow lights, your digital ballast could end up damaging your system and decreasing your yield.

HID grow lights are an essential component to your hydroponics system; therefore, the right selection is critical. Being able to select from a variety of choices is imperative to getting the best type of electronic ballast for your chosen hydroponics setup. At HID Hut, we are able to offer one of the widest collections of digital grow light ballasts that are guaranteed to fit your needs.

The evolution of hydroponics technology has led to the vast improvement of the types of ballasts available. The evolution of digital ballasts has created several distinct advantages of the older archaic magnetic models. Although electronic digital ballasts are more expensive than their magnetic counterparts, the payoff for the digital ballast models lies in their efficiency.

Digital electronic ballasts are proven to extend the life of your grow lights…over three times that of magnetic versions. By purchasing less bulbs, you automatically are increasing your cost efficiency, but the electronic ballast savings does not end there. Quality characteristics of the digital ballast option also include increased energy savings and lightweight when compared to out-of-date core and coil systems. They are known for fast start-up times, typically reaching full brightness in under one minute. Due to an absence of fans, they run extremely quietly, and produce much less heat than their core-and-coil counterparts. Cut-off circuitry, which cuts power off when a short is detected, increases safety, while a rise in lumen output means a higher yield, thus increasing grow light efficiency.

Electronic ballasts are often constructed with an emphasis on small size and light weight. The 600W ballasts often weigh less than 10 pounds, in comparison with the average weight of 44 pounds for magnetic ballasts.

HID Hut offers the largest selection of quality digital ballasts to meet any grow light or hydroponics system requirements. By combining rock bottom prices with a variety of brands and models, including the Future-Brite and Galaxy electronic ballast systems, HID Hut is the premier place to shop for your digital ballast needs.
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